(sometimes found as orenjikao online)

Lanna is a French Artist living in Vancouver BC.

In 2019: She has co-created the comic story “Noah Zark” with the Legendary Mark Waid. The comic story is featured in the 1st issue of Steel Cage published by Ahoy Comics. She is currently working on the ongoing serie.

At the same time, she worked at the animation studio TAT Productions for the feature film “Les Aventures de Pil” as a Character Designer and Background 2D Artist.

She also did variant covers for “Steven Universe” (Boom Studio) and “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” (IDW Publishing).

From 2010 to 2018, she worked for the French event company TGS Evenements, creating all their visual communication campaigns and all of the mascot family for their pop culture events. There had been 2 published comic books: “A Pix Story” & “A Pix Adventure”.

She shares her life with 3 balls of fur and a big talented music man, loves Nordic countries and carries Iceland in her heart. Oh! And she’s a serial watermelon killer.

Photo credit: the mystical Adeline Muller