(also known as orenjikao on the web)

I am a freelance Artist based in Vancouver. I’ve worked for French event company TGS Evenements, creating all their visual communication campaigns and all of the mascot family for their pop culture events. I also have 2 published comic books: A Pix Story & A Pix Adventure. They tell the story of Pix, the cute Toulouse Game Show mascot, and his friends.

In 2017, Bliss Comics published the French version of Love is Love.  I did the art of a story written by Katchoo Scarlettinred.

I’ve co-created Noah Zark with the Legendary Mark Waid. You can see the comic story in the Steel Cage One-shot published by Ahoy Comics.

I share my life with 3 balls of fur and a big talented music man. I love Nordic countries and carry Iceland in my heart.

Pix Comix

Here are the 2 Pix Comic books I wrote for TGS Evenements.

In A Pix Story, you will find short funny stories about Pix, some games (with one page by Romain Pujol) and a bunch of beautiful illustrations made by Comic Artists such as Paul Renaud, Bengal, Stéphanie Hans or David Lafuente… There’s also an ex-libris made by the great Claire Wendling!

A Pix Adventure tells, as the title says, the adventure of Pix and his friends, trying to find out why some disappearances occur in the Imaginary world.

A third one is in progress.